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epa06484774 An employee of the Palestinian Health Ministry checks the men's section inside Beit Hanun Hospital in Beit Hanun, Gaza Strip, 29 January 2018 (issued 30 January 2018). The health situation in the Gaza Strip has deteriorated rapidly after the closure of Beit Hanun Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip, which stopped receiving patients and transferred the remaining patients to other hospitals after it run out of fuel due to the electricity crisis in the Gaza Strip.  EPA/MOHAMMED SABER

Gaza, un nuovo ospedale

Sono iniziati i lavori per la costruzione di un nuovo ospedale, per ora da campo, nel nord della Striscia di...


Qatar, la capriola di Salvini

“Il Qatar si sta distinguendo per un certo equilibrio rispetto agli estremismi mostrati in questi giorni da paesi quali, per...

epa06089168 Palestinian youths poses for a photograph with their soccer ball during a power outage in the streets of al-Shateaa refugee camp, west Gaza City, 13 July 2017 (Issued 15 July 2017). The 1.8 million people who reside in Gaza, experience some 20 electricity outage per day, According to reports on 16 April 2017, the Gaza Strip sole functioning power station ran out of fuel and stopped working. The Gaza power Generating Company plant usually operates only eight hours a day, after its fuel crosses into Gaza through the Israeli Kerem Shalom border crossing.  EPA/MOHAMMED SABER

Gaza, fate luce

La centrale elettrica di Gaza ha ripreso da oggi a funzionare al massimo delle capacità grazie ad una fornitura di...