L’ambasciata Usa si traferirà
inizialmente nel consolato
ad Arnona a Gerusalemme

epa05744299 A view of the American flag flying behind a tall fence within the United States Consulate building complex in West Jerusalem, 23 January 2017. The US announced President Trump is beginning the first stages of discussions to move the US Embassy, currently located in Tel Aviv, to Jerusalem. Many believe this consulate building, completed several years ago and serving both American citizens in this area and visa-seeking Palestinians, could be the site of the US Embassy in Jerusalem should it be moved there by US President Trump. Another building could be built in west Jerusalem eventually. The U.S. diplomatic presence in Jerusalem was first established in 1844, and was designated a Consulate General in 1928. According to the their website the the US Consulate in Jerusalem 'employs both Jews, Moslems and Christians, demonstrating that people of different faiths and nationalities can work together in peace in this region.' The United States was the first country to recognize Israel as an independent state on 14 May 1948, when President Harry Truman issued a statement of recognition following Israel's proclamation of independence on the same date. EPA/JIM HOLLANDER

L’amministrazione Trump sta lavorando per trovare una soluzione che consenta all’ambasciatore Usa David Friedman di spostare nel 2019 i suoi uffici da Tel Aviv ad un edificio già esistente a Gerusalemme.

David Friedman

David Friedman

Lo riportano media Usa ripresi da quelli israeliani secondo cui il trasloco avverrebbe in attesa che sia costruita una nuova sede della missione a Gerusalemme. L’edificio individuato è quello dell’attuale consolato Usa che sorge ad Arnona, nella parte ovest di Gerusalemme.